Industries We Offer

Kyniska provides worldwide organizations with dedicated software development
outsourcing teams to help them succeed, compete, and innovate.


We provide fintech organizations with novel ways to expedite financial operations, increase security, and improve the entire client experience. From mobile banking apps to blockchain-based solutions, we help fintech companies remain a step above the competition.


As a leading healthcare software development firm, we work with healthcare organizations to provide specialized healthcare software solutions. Our technologies improve interaction among patients, doctors, health insurance companies, pharmaceutical providers, and medical device manufacturers.


We collaborate with educational institutions to offer customized solutions that improve the quality of education for both students and teachers. Our digital solutions, which range from eLearning platforms to individualized learning programs, are tailored to the education industry’s specific needs.


With over a decade of experience, we provide customized, packed with features and E-commerce solutions to provide a smooth buying experience. Kynisca, with demonstrated expertise in e-commerce development services, provides a comprehensive variety of E-commerce online and mobile app development.

Travel and tourism:

Our digital offerings are adapted to the specific requirements of the travel and tourism business. We use creative software solutions to help our businesses improve their customer experience, optimize operations, and increase productivity.

On-demand services:

Regardless of your business, the on-demand app improves the availability of your products and services, resulting in greater sales, profits, and market awareness while ensuring scalability.

Real estate:

We assist real estate customers remain a step ahead of the competition by offering unique digital solutions that improve the customer experience. From augmented reality tours to AI-powered property evaluations, our solutions are tailored to the specific requirements of the real estate business.


We provide telecom carriers with specialized telecom software solutions to ensure that their consumers enjoy exceptional service, minimal latency, and consistent operations.


We assist insurance companies in automating procedures, maintaining records, attracting new customers, and scaling up through technology.