Blockchain Development Services

“Explore the blockchain universe with our exceptional custom decentralized solutions”
Blockchain is transforming industries such as fintech, real estate, and supply chain management. Organizations work with Kyniska’s blockchain development services to supplement their application development teams on bitcoin exchange and wallet development, mobile app development, and other projects.

Our Blockchain Development Services

Whether you are just starting or a large company trying to automate operations,  our trustworthy and safe custom blockchain development services have you covered.

Custom Blockchain Development
We may assist you in entering the market with professional blockchain solutions built from the very start or redesigned from existing systems. Our blockchain software engineers are very skilled at creating solutions that are not only resilient and safe but also help you achieve your business objectives faster.
dApp Development
We are a dApp development business that provides flexible, secure, and economical decentralized applications across multiple sectors and industries.
Smart Contract Development
As a leading Smart Contract Development company, we assist organizations in automating operations and streamlining workflows by leveraging the potential of smart contracts like no other.
Crypto Exchange Development
Our team of crypto professionals, with their extensive knowledge, has all of the tools required to create a scalable and dependable exchange platform where customers can easily buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies.
Blockchain Wallet App Development
Our blockchain wallet development services assist your company in expanding its DeFi portfolio to a larger consumer base by delivering increased security along with quicker transactions.
Blockchain-based marketplaces

Our blockchain software development team develops innovative solutions. If you're looking for a blockchain-based decentralized marketplace, we ensure that transactions are traceable, transparent, and free of fraud.

What Makes Us a Prominent and Leading Blockchain Development Company?

Kyniska is one of the region’s cutting-edge blockchain firms. We are ambitious and believe in working together strategically. As a result, if you hire Kyniska as your reliable blockchain development firm for creating solid enterprise blockchain solutions, we will not let you down.

Our brilliant team of blockchain engineers is the essence of innovation, dedicated to turning ideas into highly scalable and dependable systems.

Our market analysis, project feasibility reports, blockchain technology stack, and product customization methods are always in line with the latest blockchain industry developments. Lastly, we wrote the code with the purpose of maximizing the user experience. 

Elevate your business with our Blockchain Development Services and make your mark in the industry!

Explore our Blockchain Development Services Process

When you approach us, we conduct research to learn about your company, needs, and requirements. After you share your proposal with us, we will determine the appropriate technologies and methods to bring it to fruition. Typically, this takes 1-2 weeks. Then, we'll provide you with a price, schedule, and scope of work.
During this phase, we put together a team of blockchain app development experts and maintain consistent and timely communication between you, the developers, and the project manager.
Once we have developed the solution, we will present it to you and solicit your comments. If you want us to make revisions or upgrades, we will tailor the product to your specific business requirements. After receiving your permission, we will upload it on the platform(s) of which you prefer.
We assist our clients long after we have constructed their program. We ensure that everything functions smoothly and without issues. If you require our assistance or want to enhance your blockchain development solution by adding new features, we are always available to assist.

Blockchain Development Services for Various Industries


Blockchain in financial services lowers the presence of third parties or mediators in the financial process, allowing for more effective risk management.

Travel and tourism

Our blockchain development solutions effectively decentralize the travel and tourist industries, from identity verification to luggage monitoring, payment processing, and customer loyalty schemes.


We are one of the leading eCommerce blockchain app development service providers, assisting eCommerce titans in restoring data ownership, ensuring product authorization, decentralizing international trade, and enabling cross-border payments.

Health care

Our unique blockchain solutions in the healthcare industry have been shown to solve various real-world concerns, including drug tracking throughout the supply chain, safe transfer of private health information between stakeholders, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the nature of the project and the size of the hired blockchain software development business, the time it takes to build a blockchain application can range from 4-6 weeks to 12-18 months.
We have worked with a wide range of blockchain platforms and technologies, including Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, Corda, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, and others.
Our blockchain development process usually consists of steps such as gathering requirements, architectural design, prototype development, smart contract development, testing, deployment, and continuing maintenance.