• Equip your data with velocity
  • Make real-time decisions
  • Deliver a more personalized customer experience


Fast Time-to-value Delivery

Balance the demand-to-supply curve with Kyniska’s fine-tuned services and accelerators that develop big data solutions by taking a curated approach. We understand that the faster a business solves a problem, the stronger the customer relationship becomes.


Enhanced Compliance

Refine your data management system with Kyniska’s data science engineering services. Managing regulatory compliance can be challenging in today’s environment, but Kyniska stays ahead of the dynamics by integrating industry standards and market data to align supply and demand.


Increased Sales and Profitability

Ramp up sale initiatives with the unwavering and years-long skillset of Kyniska’s data engineering team. Predict your customer buying behavior, optimize pricing strategies, spot slipping customers, and improve customer responsiveness – all under one window!


New Market Insight

Adopt big data analytics to scale impact with the assistance of Kyniska’s data engineers. Get a 360-degree view of your target customers and improve customer acquisition by collecting and analyzing personalized data from various sources – websites, mobiles, emails, live chats and in-store applications.


Test-driven Development

Cut down the time invested in fixing bugs and errors with Kyniska’s test-driven development. Hire data engineers with senior-level expertise to finely optimize data pipelines through short cycles of continuous testing and tweaking.


Improved Operational Efficiency

Extend the range of your business operations with Kyniska’s time-tested data engineering and analytics approach. Reduce cost, improve operational efficiency, and prevent failures through real-time predictive and descriptive root-cause analysis.